We care about you

We are committed to your individual and professional success. We have been in your shoes and we have created the place where we wanted to work. Now we bring life changing opportunities to all our team members.

Talent profile

Curious by nature with a growth mindset

Who you are

You are passionate about technology and have turned that passion into your livelihood. Now, you have bigger dreams to pursue. You have the talent and expertise to perform at the highest levels in leading technology companies in the U.S. You are curious by nature and have a growth mindset. Above all, you are a good human being. You understand that ultimately, it’s all about people. You care for and seek others’ opinions, and challenge the status quo, respectfully.

Looking for a life changing opportunity

Your pains

The world is opening up to remote collaboration at unprecedented rates and you are looking for a life changing opportunity in the U.S. Searching for jobs is a lonely, tedious and boring process; you just want to get to work ASAP. Often times traditional staffing agencies treat you as a soulless resume and provide little to no support if you get hired. You are concerned about your career growth and professional development. You are looking for a company where people and their careers are a priority.

Our approach

Life changing opportunities

We work with top notch clients in the U.S. to provide you with exceptional work opportunities.

Career growth plan

We create and manage a career growth plan so you can achieve your full potential

Highly competitive compensation

We stay on top of market trends to ensure we pay top dollars for top talent.

Continuous support

We provide you with continuous support to help both at an individual and project levels.

Talent Community

You are not alone, you are part of a diverse, supportive and fun community.

Work life balance

We know and celebrate that you have other interests in life.

How we do it

Our process is simple, but thorough. It is exhaustive and only a few select candidates will get to work with us and our clients and it will be worth it.


Initial screening

Your skills and experience must meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


Technical validation

Live interviews, online tests and/or take home challenges help validate your technical skills and critical thinking.


Cultural fit

People first means your character matters. We conduct live interviews and check with references.

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