A new kind of product development partner

We are a people-first company and we provide product management and tech leadership coupled with high performing teams and ongoing support, so you can focus on achieving your goals.

Our clients

Innovative technology companies

Current situation

You have a proven business model. You are expanding your core development team while establishing a strong product and software engineering foundation. You are open to expanding your product development capacity as a service so you can leverage outside expertise and improve leadership, team performance and resiliency.

Improving product or technology leadership

Support on a leadership role

Your company is in a transformative growth phase, requiring high-level strategic technological guidance but not yet ready to commit to a full-time executive.

Increasing development capacity

Struggling with team augmentation

Your product backlog is ever growing, you need more product development capacity. You are frustrated with the time and effort it takes to hire (and retain) talent, staffing agencies pass along subpar resumes without understanding your needs and the shortage of qualified talent in the U.S. is quickly increasing your development costs.

Our approach

Connection and understanding

We immerse in your context and goals, from a people, technology and business perspectives.

Rigurous selection process

We build and provide the optimal team (one or multiple experts in their fields)

Product development expertise

We take a product development perspective to determine the best path forward.

Collaborative and proactive

We become an extension of your team, working side by side to achieve your goals.

Strategic thinking

We help you think strategically about your next product, technology and team decisions.

Follow through

We provide ongoing support to strive for individual, project and client success.

The benefits


That you have partnered with a people first company that truly cares about you, your product, your needs and goals. That you are building high performing, resilient and motivated teams, who are always ready to deliver quality and results. That you are increasing your product development capacity efficiently (less time, less effort, better fit). That we provide continuous support and management, we are in it for the long run and are committed to your success!

Working with us

Product expertise

We are software product development experts with over 15 years of experience.

Talent from Latinamerica

We have experience hiring great talent in Latinamerica since 2010.


We value long term relationships over short term transactions.


We become an extension of your team to help you achieve your goals.

Multicultural and diverse

We are truly multicultural and multinational. We embrace diversity.

Results driven

High performing, resilient teams that care about your success.

Our Services

Product and Tech Leadership

Our experienced team of product and tech leaders will help support your organization's product and technology endeavors. We'll help ensure that your product and technology initiatives align with your business goals and are executed seamlessly.

Nearshore Team Augmentation

We provide top tech talent to expand your existing team. Whether you need engineer, designers, or other experts, our talented team members can seamlessly integrate into your projects. We partner with you as your extended team.


Software Development

Developing with a blend of technical expertise with strategic vision to create software aligned with your goals.

Product Management

Supporting and overseeing the development and success of your products, from its initial concept to its launch and ongoing improvements.

UI/UX Design

Designing exceptional digital experiences for your products.

Quality Assurance

Meticulous testing parctices ensures your software meets the highest standards, safeguarding project success.


Automating and streamlining the software development and deployment process, ensuring faster and more reliable releases.

Project Management

Aligning technical aspects with your goals, keeping projects on track and within budget.




Blockchain / Crypto



Media Streaming

Skin Care







What we asked of Empirical was extremely complex, but they delivered.

Empirical team produced clean, tested code and were and absolute pleasure to work with! They are one of my go-to referrals for companies that want to build an app.

Andrea GouletCorgibytes

Working with Empirical has been a pleasure. They were professional and dedicated throughout the process.

The quality was superb. ... Everything works like clockwork.

They’re a personable and reliable team that I can trust.

The openness of communication and willingness to adjust along the way makes Empirical stand out.

Wes HsuRobolink

We appreciate the level of ownership and care they put into their work.

Our collaboration genuinely felt like business partners.

Efren RomeroCasa del Acero

Empirical is determined to deliver a solution that works.

We chose Empirical LLC as our product partner, and we're extremely pleased. They have a great hiring process, so you end up with very high-quality people.

This is without a doubt the most complex product that Wurtec has ever attempted to develop. I have to say that what I saw today was quite impressive and your team is largely responsible for the great work. Thank you for your assistance and guidance making Wur-Com what it is.

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